Yard Sale

People loooove yard sales. There’s not much better than taking a lazy Saturday to cruise around in your weekend casual attire, sippin’ on some coffee, finding deals in other people’s stuff. But how do you get people to come visit your garage sale? First step: Check out our time-tested successful yard sale tips. The simple truth is, successful yard sales require a few key things to bring the results you want.

Successful Yard Sales

Ever had a yard sale at the last minute? Or at least tried to plan something and didn’t think advertising it was a big deal? Yeah, we have, too. The results are always the same…you wake up too late, get the sale “organized” by throwing a couple of boxes from your garage onto the driveway, and sitting there with too little change to offer the few customers who might stop by. But at least you have coffee, right?

Make sure you download and share our “Creative Tips For Successful Yard Salesfree e-book! As always, if you have tips you don’t see inside, go ahead and email us and we’ll be happy to share your tips!

Awesome Yard Sale Signs – Do I Need Them?

No, if you want to have a possibly average turnout and possibly average success. If, however, you would like to offer potential customers something they can’t find everywhere, or anywhere, customers tell us Awesome Yard Sale signs routinely bring in more traffic to their yard sales. Not only that, with Certified Awesome Yard Sale signs, people come to the sale with more interest and desire to buy. As with any marketing endeavor, it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it.

Key Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

So many yard sales are generic and forgettable. If you want to have a successful yard sale, you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the yard sale-ing herd.

  • Advance Advertising. The beauty of the internet is that the newspaper is no longer the only place to advertise your yard sale. With the addition of Craigslist and some other online yard sale sites, the internet NEEDS to be utilized to spread the word.
  • Signage. How many yard sale signs did you see last weekend? How many stick in your head as creative or noteworthy? Exactly. Signs for yard sales have become commonplace and boring, serving merely as a last-minute effort to draw some interest. Your signs need to persuade passerby to go to your sale.
  • Marketing. Much like the sign aspect, the typical layout of the yard sale is disorganized and boring. Market the yard sale as a worthy place of stopping by. Use attractive table signs. Use creative banners. Use the tools available to make your yard sale something to be remembered.
  • Purpose. There are only a couple reasons to hold a yard sale:
    • To get rid of as much stuff as humanly possible, or
    • To make some actual money selling items of value


The success of your yard sale depends on your ability to draw in passerby and present your items in such a way that there is perceived  value. Anybody can throw a couple boxes of crap in the driveway and hope yard salers will take the time to dig through ripped T-shirts and meaningless chotchkies. Sadly, this is too often the case of the yard sale.

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